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    Welcome to Greentech Power Solutions, your premier destination for professional installation services catering to a wide range of electrical infrastructure needs. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we specialize in the installation of 11kv and 33kv Substations, LT Panel Installations, Cable tray laying, Cable laying, Earthing solutions, Generators, Street lights, Lightning protection systems, Online UPS, and Servo stabilizers. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient installations that meet your specific requirements.

    11kv And 33kv Substations:

    Our experienced team specializes in the installation of 11kv and 33kv substations. We handle all aspects, including switchgear, control panels, protection systems, and cabling, ensuring safe and efficient power distribution.

    LT Panel Installations

    We specialize in LT panel installations, customizing solutions to meet your specific needs. From wiring to switchgear integration and comprehensive testing, we ensure safe and efficient LT panel systems for your facility.

    Retrofitting Of LT And HT Panels

    With years of expertise in electrical solutions, we specialize in upgrading and enhancing the functionality of LT and HT panels. Our retrofitting services breathe new life into existing panels, ensuring improved performance, safety, and energy efficiency.

    Cable Tray Laying

    Proper cable management is crucial for the smooth functioning of electrical systems. We specialize in cable tray laying, offering organized and efficient routing solutions for power and communication cables, minimizing interference and simplifying maintenance.

    Cable Laying

    Our skilled technicians undertake precise and secure cable laying, ensuring optimal connectivity and performance. We adhere to industry standards and guidelines, guaranteeing reliable connections for power and control cables.

    Earthing Solutions

    Protect your electrical systems and personnel with our expert earthing solutions. We design and install grounding systems, including grounding electrodes, earth pits, and grounding grids, ensuring proper fault current dissipation and electrical safety.

    Generator Installations

    Our comprehensive generator installation services ensure seamless integration into your electrical setup. From positioning and fuel connections to wiring and testing, we handle every aspect to provide reliable backup power solutions.

    Street Light Installations

    Enhance visibility and safety with our professional streetlight installations. Our team ensures precise positioning, proper wiring, and efficient control systems, delivering optimal illumination for residential and commercial areas.

    Lightning Protection Systems

    Safeguard your infrastructure from lightning-related damage with our lightning protection system installations. We design and install comprehensive solutions that divert electrical energy safely to the ground, protecting your property and equipment.

    Online UPS Installations

    Ensure uninterrupted power supply with our online UPS installations. Our experts handle the entire installation process, including wiring, battery integration, and system testing, providing reliable backup power for critical applications.

    Servo Stabilizer Installations

    We install servo stabilizers to regulate voltage fluctuations and protect your electrical equipment. Our professionals analyze your power requirements, recommend suitable stabilizers, and perform precise installations for optimal performance.

    Testing And Commissioning

    We understand the criticality of ensuring the performance, reliability, and safety of your electrical infrastructure. That's why we offer comprehensive testing and commissioning services for HT panels, LT panels, and distribution transformers. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are equipped with the latest tools and expertise to conduct thorough assessments and validations of your electrical equipment.