HT Breakers

Ring Main Unit

 We offer wide range of ABB make Ring Main Units in 11kv, 22kv, 33kv.

The RMU can be used in distribution networks – indoor and outdoor installation; compact secondary substations, small industry and commercial applications. It is available in various configurations with many optional features, including discrete automation. 

Product scope 

  • Rated voltage: 17.5 kV and 12kV, 630 A, 21kA/3 seconds and transformer T-off at 200 A

Key benefits 

  • Compact design for optimized use of space in numerous applications
  • 'Safety by design’ ensures operator and public safety at all times
  • Outdoor solutions available for high corrosion environments
  • Highly configurable to allow flexibility in network design
  • Allows networks to monitor and control the RMU remotely
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Key features

  • Small overall footprint
  • Sealed tank with constant atmospheric conditions ensures a high level of reliability
  • Arc fault rated to both IEC 62271-200 and 202 standards, includes IAC AB enclosure for outdoor application
  • Mechanical interlock solution, cable box and fuse compartment cannot be accessed when voltage is present
  • Modular plug-and-play automation options
  • Customer interface panel for easy integration into SCADA and other control systems