HT Breakers



  • Compact design
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor application
  • Trip free spring operated mechanism
  • Suitable interlocks for operator safety
  • Easy motor operated mechanism(optional)
  • Mechanism is suitable for remote operation (Optional)
  • Self powered numerical relay with CT can be provided with coordination of fuses for Tripping (optional)
  • Easy replacement of HRC fuses
  • Completely door closed operation for operator safety
  • Reliable & robust mechanism
  • Live line indicators

Safety & Interlocks:

  • Mechanical interlocks are provided between main switch & earth switch in such a way that the earth switch can be closed only when the main switch is in open condition & vice versa.
  • Acess to the HT HRC fuses are not possible when the main switch is on condition.
  • All the live parts are on Rear side hence more safety to the operator.