Cable Jointing Kits

Heat Shrink Termination Kits

We offer Heat Shrink medium voltage joints are available for tape/wire shielded, armoured/ unarmoured medium voltage single core and three core polymeric cables. Heat Shrinkable joint utilizes a unique high dielectric constant (High K) stress control tube and mastic for effective grading of electrical stresses. The stress control tube together with the insulating and dual walled (inside insulating & outside semiconducting) tubes forms the splice body.

All the heat shrinkable components are supplied in an expanded state and would shrink effectively on application of heat.
All the grounding connections are solder-less.


  • Available for 1-Core and 3-Core polymeric cables
  • Provides excellent environmental protection and moisture sealing
  • Wide conductor size ranges upto 1000 mm2

Brand: 3M, Densen, Rachem